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Cheese pairings
Black Plum Jam, Pluot Jam, Red Beet Chutney are just a few flavors that will elevate your next cheese platter. Place your favorite jam in the middle of a large plate, surround the jam with 3 different cheese, add walnuts, gapes and a sprig of basil for effect. Place french bread and crackers in a basket on the side.
Off the Grill
Our Jams pair perfectly with an array of foods and dishes. Here are a few examples.
Mango Chutney
Mango Hot SauceĀ 
Papaya Hot Sauce
Red Beet Chutney
Onion Jam
Roasted Red Pepper Jam...any of these delicious condiments will elevate your taste buds.

Try our Orange inspired marmalade to add a sweet zing to your next BBQ. Take a tablespoon of the Orange Ginger Irish Whiskey, dilute it a little with some lemon juice or warm water making it easier to spread. Then, simply spread your glaze over theĀ chicken, pork, duck or salmon for the last 5 minutes of cooking. [Black Plum and Pluot Jams would also work.]
All of our jams are perfect for Breakfast, from a simple PB and J on Ryvita to a selection of 3 or 4 bright flavor jams to smear on your croissant or toast...coffee anyone?
Try our Berry Jams with your favorite panna cotta desert. No time to cook up the panna cotta? Simply add a table spoon of any of our jams to plain low fat yoghurt and you're done.
Make up a simple vinaigrette of vinegar, olive oil and a tablespoon of our Raspberry Jam...pepper and salt to taste. Equally awesome is our Strawberry Jam, try them with your next salad.

"A first taste of childhood, a blend of sweetness and forbidden temptation. Beyond our memories, preserves tell a story of man and time..."