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2013 Cordon D'Or Culinary Academy 'Great Tastes' Award - Florida

72 Nominees, 14 Judges, 10 Awards - Pascale’s LLC – the Delray Beach Jam Company, was awarded the 2013 ‘Great Tastes’ in Florida Award. On receiving the award Pascale Troupin-Castania founder of Pascale’s LLC said, “I'm very humbled by the award, it is such a great honor to be recognized by the Florida Culinary Academy and to be part of such an esteemed group.” 
Pascale's Jam now available at The Fresh Market.
The Fresh Market stores in Ft. Lauderdale, the 2 locations in Boca Raton and the Wellington store are now carrying a selection of our Jams. Just another outlet to get your Jam fix.

​See our 'Where to find us' page for details.
The Pineapple Newspaper - Delray Beach...
It’s pretty warm in Pascale’s kitchen these days – the thermometer read 98 on a recent afternoon—but that doesn’t stop the production of Pascale’s famous jams, preserves, chutneys and hot sauces. In fact, the Delray Green Market vendor is currently working her way through a huge harvest of fruit from two 40-year-old mango trees on her property.
“Mangoes, mangoes, mangoes!” Pascale replied when I asked her what’s cooking. She’ll put them all to good use—in her mango lime ginger jam, her mango chutney, and her popular mango hot sauce.
To read the full article go to www.pineapplenewspaper.com/whats-cooking-in-pascales-kitchen/5465
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What our customers are saying...

"Without doubt the best jams I have ever tasted."

"This reminds me of how my grandma's Jam tasted."

"I have to show restrain, otherwise, I'll eat it straight out of the jar."

"I hate you guys, I'm totally addicted."
Welcome, welcome, welcome and just in Time for Thanksgiving and the Holidays, our jams and chutneys are now available in Ann Arbor Michigan through Zingerman's Delicatessen on Detroit Street. Stop by to savor some delicious samples perfect for you Holiday entertaining.
Alderman Farms Organic Tomatoes are in...

Zingerman's Deli in Ann Arbor Michigan now stocking Pascale's Jams...

For those of you who know Alderman Organic Farms quality there is nothing to say, so there is no surprise that with the season in full swing we are busy producing our Tomato Jams. Come by our stands in West Palm Beach and Delray Beach Markets to taste the Tomato Marmalade and Tomato Chili Jams. For more information about Alderman Farms log on to www.aldermanfarms.com 
Pascale's LLC has been making the news lately, check out these 3 great reports...

"Made in Delray" - the March/April 2014 edition of the 'Delray Magazine'...a snap shot look at the creativity and prowess of our little town.
'The Shiny Sheets' - Roberta Sabban focuses in on Pascale's LLC, how it came about and what is offered on the 'Island' [Palm Beach]. - www.palmbeachdailynews.com/news/lifestyles/jam-time/ndb3b/
'The Ft. Lauderdale Magazine' - a snap shot look at Pascale's and where to find the jams in Ft. Lauderdale.
Pascale's would like to welcome Bistro Bistro to the family of stores...
Joining the ranks of retailers carrying our Jams, Chutneys, Sauces and the energy chocolate SCHO-KO-LADE is Bistro Bistro on Northwood Road, West Palm Beach. Bistro Bistro has an eclectic array of fine French foods, excellent coffee and one of kind treats. Check them out and know that you are that much closer to our jams. Bon appetite.
SCHO-KO-LADE RED now available here in the US and CANADA
SCHO-KO-LADE is German for chocolate, SCHO-KO-LADE an 80 year tradition is now available in North America. SCHO-KO-LADE offers a delicious blend of smooth chocolate and natural caffeine. Relying on the NATURALLY OCCURRING CAFFEINE that is found in Cocoa Beans, Coffee Beans and Cola-Nuts this unique recipe, provides a reviving boost of energy and concentration. SCHO-KO-LADE is the perfect alternative to coffee or chemical energy drinks and is a popular choice "for anyone on the go" who needs a quick and delicious energy snack. Whether you are a student, truck driver, firefighter or office worker – Field tested with EMTs, Ski Patrollers, Back Country Skiers and racing sailors SCHO-KO-LADE is the go to favorite. Perfectly packaged in it's iconic red and white tin it fits easily into a back pack, jacket pocket or purse. Available soon at a fine store near you and on line.